Event Director

Miss Nara girl


  • Date of Birth:

    October 27, 1990

  • Origin:

    Born in Hokkaido, raised Nara-prefecture

  • Work philosophy:

    Do what you can do on that day

  • Job Expertise:

    Working on Sober Tasks

  • Hobbies:

    Mountain climbing hiking

  • Favorite Foods:

    Tarako and white rice

  • Dream:

    Spending time in the middle of nature in an old age

  • Career:

    Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ → GP


[Earring] [ballpoint pen] [strap]

It is what I received when I was retired, and it is my "Three Kinds of Genials" now.
I am motivated with the word "I still have to work hard!" when I remember the people who pushed my back!


  • Q1.What did you do in your previous job?

    A. I was mainly responsible for remittances for overseas at the Foreign Exchange Division

    It took two and a half years to get a glimpse of the exchange of money with countries around the world, such as checking the regulations of each country and selecting the remittance route.
    It's a completely different job from now.

  • Q2.A word on your appeal points!

    A.[Whiteness of skin]! is my sales point ...

    A serious person who hates frivolous.

  • Q3.What is your favorite part of GP?

    A.I like [people] who are working hard

    It is a group that works hard, yet each has freedom.
    I like the cozy office.


I will aim to be a reliable event producer by accumulating the experience of tips and tricks while facing each other with sincerity, but I am still immature as a member of society or as an event organizer!


They are nephew of twins who I can’t stop loving. They are going to write my picture recently at a nursery school!

The Saho-River, flowing to the local area of ​​Nara, will be full of cherry blossoms in the spring. It is a proud scene.




It is the first synchronization for new employees. I am older, but I am healed everyday by the friendliness and warmth that don't make it feel.
We talked with each other that it was really good to be a member of GP in the "Synchronization Meeting" held at GP CAMP.
I am so glad that I joined the company at the same time with Mrs.Doi. From now on, let's do our best together!


She is a woman who has a strong core on the contrary to the impression that the appearance is clear.
She is also a gambler who has jumped from Nara Prefecture into the event business that is 180° different this time as a former banking occupation!
It is sure to give a good spice to GP planning and the field with its vitality and healing smile.