Assistant Producer

Trainee forever

I will always keep in my mind to improve "spirit, techniques, and physical strength".
There are many things people won’t speak to me from the first impression, but please feel free to talk with me!!
And let's work out together!


  • Date of Birth:

    May 26, 1992

  • Origin:

    Kurayoshi-city, Tottori-prefecture (local patriotism)

  • Work philosophy:

    Think about the other party

  • Job Expertise:

    Steadily and good faith

  • Hobbies:

    Work out, hot spring, sauna, fishing, Disney

  • Favorite Foods:

    Egg. There is also a book, "Everything will improve if you eat egg!"

  • Dream:

    Being an entity required by many people

  • Career:

    Concerned with beauty → GP


Power grip + wrist wrap

This is a tool used in the gym.
I can not reach beyond the limit without these tools (generally known as gear).
I love high muscle load !!


  • Q1.How do you describe yourself in one Chinese-character?


    There are simply looking at my heights, but there is also a desire to be "Big" in mind and body.

  • Q2.How did you get into the GP?

    A.By looking at employees

    I was attracted to the employees after joining the experience!
    Please come to the office once!

  • Q3.What kind of "Event-organizer" do you want to be?

    A.Engage around with passion

    I want to be an event-organizer who can involve around you, so that our passion for the event can be transmitted to the whole!


I was thrilled by the GP-passion right after participating intern and job interview.
While being grateful to be able to work in this environment, and I will be the superjock event producer to deliver inspiration to the customers! !
Please give me your guidance and encouragement since I am still immature!!


I devoted myself to bicycle competition for 7 years. At the same time I had a hard time sharing with my dormitory friends, my seniors and juniors are irreplaceable.

It is "BEST BODY JAPAN" that I viewed three years ago. I felt the power of the venue.




His nickname is “Hatchan” at the college. He seems pretty buff being at a bicycle team!
I became a big fan of him from the first day because of the kindness that does not suit the figure and the way he cares people.
In addition, he has a very pure mind, who is impressed by the straight-on, straight-forward attitude of anything.
He is a rookie and polite person who we look forward to it because he joined with mid-career from a member of society.


He is a hybrid human resource that has a pure mind and a buff body.
The attitude of work is a sincere employee who works things delicately and boldly. He has the qualities of loved and charm with everyone.
I hope that you will be a member of the GP by making full use of the seriousness and the buff body.
Be sure to nominate him if you are a muscle enthusiast!