Overseas marketing manager

Nothing wrong being different from others

The words taught by my homeroom teacher in my childhood since I was a little stranger. Since then that is my motto. Catch-phrase of my life.


  • Date of Birth:

    October 24, 1990

  • Origin:

    Born in Fukuoka, raised in Kanagawa

  • Work philosophy:

    I’ll think rather than worry

  • Job Expertise:

    Think by yourself, learn by yourself, do by yourself

  • Hobbies:

    Go watch a play, watching movie, travel

  • Favorite Foods:

    Sushi, Japanese sweets, sweet potato, pumpkin

  • Dream:

    Mt. Roraima, Uyuni Salt Lake etc ... Go to see the amazing view of the world!

  • Career:

    Working as a manufacturer → Europe → GP


Coin purse

A coin purse that my grandfather used to give from my grandmother.
It's easy to use and a stylish.


  • Q1.What was the most moving thing in your life?

    A.When I done Sumi-zake

    My family sent me some famous Chinese poems, Waka (a 31-syllable Japanese poem) and Haiku (a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables), and I was struck by the beauty and the feelings that were included in the poems.

  • Q2.Who is the person you respect?

    A.Father and mother, both grandparents

    I had a rebellious phase in youth. I often reflect on learning as a senior in life and listening to something more in the old days as I get older.
    I am always inspired by the way I try to do various things without caring about my age, and I learn that it's fun to put years.

  • Q3.What is your first impression of GP?


    I was overwhelmed by the stylishness of the office.
    Those who are also working with passion are very stimulating


I have an ability to take action!
Since I had a fate from the school-days and I want to increase the number of people at overseas who will be obsessed with GLOBAL PRODUCE.
I may have lots of flaws., but I’m looking forward to working with the members.


I love to eat from childhood! I'm rather partial to sweet things. And in fact, I am brother’s girl.

Friends of the Manchester era. The time we spent was short, but they are precious friends who talked each other about my future.




She is a Brand Director of GP based in Europe.
Her main duties are to promote GP to business/administration mainly in English-speaking countries, and is also a key-person in overseas WEB strategy and overseas social network strategy.
She maybe an intellectual woman. Much more intellectual when you talk with her.
Ms.Kume, you are in charge!


Currently living in Germany.
A member of the overseas promotion TEAM who supports our company in charge of marketing, sales and branding in overseas markets.
Her relaxed and comforting vibe has an unimaginable speed and precision.
Especially with her own imagination and smartness is outstanding!!
There is no inconsistency of work at all, she is really brilliant!!