Assistant Producer

Expose yourself

It is one of the challenges for me.
Life is only once. It is nonsense to be afraid of exposing yourself with the eyes around you. Because there is "Additional time" in life!
Of course, it is a major premise to speak about time and place.


  • Date of Birth:

    August 29, 1996

  • Origin:

    Makurazaki-city, Kagoshima-prefecture

  • Work philosophy:

    Be true to yourself

  • Job Expertise:


  • Hobbies:

    Delusion, basketball, watching movie

  • Favorite Foods:

    Pickles, shellfish, Japanese sweets

  • Dream:

    Soul-stirring around the world

  • Career:

    Tokyo University of Agriculture → GP


Ghibli Soundtrack

It is the soundtrack of Joe Hisaishi.
I often listen to it when I'm working or just relaxing.


  • Q1.What is your favorite word?

    A.Scratches except to die.

  • Q2.What kind of student life did you spend?

    A.Relatively active student life

    I traveled in Southeast Asia, camped with friends, and had an active student life (in fact, I’m gloomy).
    I died on graduation thesis searching about seals I was doing research on seals in the senior year at university.
    Oh, it's only a scratch!

  • Q3.What kind of event do you want to do in GP?

    A.Overwhelming Creative World View Events

    There is no such thing that "This is it!!" for me right now, but I will put on Matsunoshita’s MAGIC at any event.
    I would like to work on an event with an overwhelming creative worldview which is created by Tim Burton or Hayao Miyazaki!


"Unforgettable memories."
Happy memories. Sad memories. For us, any memory is a source of living, property and treasure.
Impressive experiences in real life always move the mind and remain as memories.
By all means, please update the page of your memories to the moving-mind initiator "Matsunoshita" of GP.


The happy moment in student days.

It is a favorite photo for some reason.




It is GP's first Kyushu-boy from Kagoshima-prefecture that Mr.Kouhata is waited for!
Immersed in research at Tokyo University of Agriculture and aiming for some how as an event producer.
He is a man who has a deep earnest aspiration in the heart that he is already loved by all team members.
First of all, as my number one disciple, I’m planning for him to learn from the important perspectives of the event [customers, visitors, partners]."

from EN

Serious and polite good young man! The attitude, that we can see him straight into work, is great.
It’s a big help that he always smiles and answers "Yes!!" even if there is a sudden request anytime.
He will be an adaptable fighting potential at GP because of his strong core, high ability to absorb work. I look forward to it!
He sometimes show a charming point which is natural airhead.