Event Director/Dancer

The appearance is EXILE, but the contents are serious

The first time I met GP, I was surrounded by in-house staff saying I look like a member of EXILE.
Also, the contents have a serious side as you feel a gap when you talk.
Let's meet and talk once by all means! !


  • Date of Birth:

    August 30, 1984

  • Origin:


  • Work philosophy:

    "Work with gratitude and humility"

  • Job Expertise:

    "Keep things tidy"

  • Hobbies:

    Dance, Soccer, Snowboarding

  • Favorite Foods:


  • Dream:

    Continue to provide that all involved can become HAPPY

  • Career:

    Joined September 1, 2015



I like shopping in general, but I especially like hats.
I always wear a hat in a private time.


  • Q1.What do you keep in mind when working?

    A.Don't forget your gratitude

    Make sure that I don't forget the gratitude to the clients, partners, guests and team because an event can not be performed alone.

  • Q2.What is the most impressive events you have attended so far?

    A.TUBE's concert

    I participated as a dancer, not as a production, and the view when 50,000 people were seen from the stage.
    The appearance that 50,000 people from all over the place are enjoying is impressive with one and the same purpose.

  • Q3.Tell us about the love of GP?

    A.I will grow up

    As I say that work is similar to love, I will take time to nurture all the staff members of the company.


My name is Tsubasa Mizuno, and I will join the company from September 2015.
I’m still a beginner at My GP history, but I want to be able to offer events that were not done in the GP.
I will continue to work hard in order to grow "the wings necessary for the GP to fly into the world". Thank you!


It is a photograph when I participated in a dance contest in the past. I won the grand prize at Kanto tournament and got the second prize in the Kansai tournament.

I enjoy snowboarding in winter. I like the style of playing with landslides and ground trick!




GP precision machine. He’s good at advancing his work exactly. Has a track record mainly on high-brand fashion events.
Customers have earned their trust in terms of space arrangement and highly accurate operation.
He's very nice guy, so please give him some love.


He has seriousness that can not be imagined from the sense of EXILE of appearance. Dance is also professional grade! I think that the term " stoic" belongs to him.
However, it has the characteristic that noise with a radius of 2m will shut down once he enters centralized mode.