Account Executive

GP No. 1 Footwork

I was mistaken as a former American football player, but I was a soccer boy.


  • Date of Birth:

    May 9, 1980

  • Origin:


  • Work philosophy:

    Always enjoy whatever the situation is

  • Job Expertise:

    Connection with people

  • Hobbies:


  • Favorite Foods:

    Meat and fried foods

  • Dream:

    Sports become a culture in Japan

  • Career:

    Sports Marketing→GP + Sports Marketing


Amulet from the best friend

A ten thousand yen bill received from a best friend for eight years.
Suddenly he put out a ten thousand yen bill and wrote a message in magic while drinking with him.
Things that give me a motivation to make me try hard not to lose to him.


  • Q1.Please tell us if there is a secret work technique.

    A.Having a connection with professionals of other field

    You can increase your work experience by collaborating with professionals on the different field.

  • Q2.Where is your favorite spot?

    A.The river named Nogawa at my hometown

    It is the place where I feel most relaxed and the place where I have spent with my important friends.
    A place to get back to the beginning.

  • Q3.What is your mission in GP?

    A.Provide sales results as a team or as an individual

    In addition, convey the pleasure and significance of sales to other members, get the feeling that you are free to go wild.


It is a one-off meeting with all the people I meet, and I think that it is something related.
Spread GP around the world. To have many people know and GLOBAL PRODUCE.
Thank you for my relationship with GP! !


My favorite

Night necessities to work for the liver




I have had a relationship for quite a time, but he does the work of delicate work so as to be surprised by the wild appearance that he officially participated in GLOBAL PRODUCE. He is the man who takes care of customers’ and juniors’ thought.
Please take care of him.

from DOI

He may have a fierce look, but he is one with a kind hearted in a company.
I think that I am still immature as a person or as a member of society when I look at his polite manner and response, he never looses temper whatever people say, to people.
I will promise to learn "How to interact with customers" and "Sales mindset" as a member of the Mr.Motoki Sales-team.