Assistant Producer

Knuckle ball

I was given name by a high school teacher.
I want to be myself different from other people, for example the ball caght in catcher mitt with a shake that is not been straight.


  • Date of Birth:

    October 27, 1996

  • Origin:

    Oami Shirasato-city, Chiba-prefecture

  • Work philosophy:

    Sincerely and earnest

  • Job Expertise:


  • Hobbies:

    Used clothes, listen to Japanese rock , watch comedy show

  • Favorite Foods:

    Fried rice, tempura of Maitake (Japanese mush-room), Strawberry Daifuku (Rice-cake)

  • Dream:

    Make an event that we can talk about in a seat of liquor

  • Career:

    Rissho University Law Department → GP



This is a wallet that I got from my grandmother at the annual "Okawa-Family Card Tournament".
I always feel like I'm been protected by carrying this everyday.


  • Q1.How do you compare yourself to anime and manga characters?

    A.A character, Tsujimoto, in "Beshari-Kurashi"

    My best friend answered (but I do not know anything about this character…) I think that it is correct because that what he thinks, please check it out!

  • Q2.What kind of person do you aim for?

    A.SUMMERS (Japanese-comedian)

    I want to be like Mr.Mimura and Mr.Otake because "SUMMERS" is my favorite comedians.
    They are sloppy in a good way of meaning.

  • Q3.What is the GP for you?

    A.Second family

    There are a lot of learning and a lot of love from GP.
    I feel pleasure of everyone’s support with my job everyday.
    There is also a feeling that I want to meet my expectations.


I came to the GP because there is “I want to be who I want to be” in the GP.
I would like to do my best to be able to become a "I want to be who I want to be" as soon as possible.
I am still immature, but I would like to create an event that will last as many as one, so please take a look at me from now on!


It is a picture of my alma mater. I like the time when I talk with my friends about the memories at school.

It is a picture of Hachijojima, my mother's hometown. You can wash your mind when you go here.




He seems to be a quiet in a first impression, but I can see something in the back of his eyes.
I feel that the inner secret and the passion of him is stronger than anyone else although he takes on the coolness of the GP.
Some people may think "Being cool" and "Not enough with strengh?" are the same meaning. There is also a view that I want him to grow into a GP's main person by showing the spongelike absorbing power because of his seriousness.
I’m looking forward to him!!


He had the character of "Showing off!!" in the time of the intern student. I felt "is he going to be OK!?" with his first appearance, but I am surprised at the quichness of the work right now!
When I asked him "Why have you changed alot", and he said, "That was a character."
Please keep an eye on the growth of Mr.Okawa, a person with the vast and unknown quantity. who is not afraid of trial and error.