Assistant Producer

1% freak

Left-handed type AB is 1% in statistics.
I don't think it's a weird but it's said from around.


  • Date of Birth:

    October 15, 1993

  • Origin:

    Murayama-city, Tokyo

  • Work philosophy:

    "scoop up"

  • Job Expertise:

    "Efficient, interesting"

  • Hobbies:

    Football, Driving, Snowboarding, Psychology

  • Favorite Foods:

    rice, yakitori, sashimi, dash Imaki-tamago

  • Dream:

    Lunar producer

  • Career:

    Dropout Waseda University and joined GP


5 Centimeters per second

You will see it every year absolutely in the cherry blossom season.
A man with blase can wash my heart.


  • Q1.What kind of life do you want to lead?

    A.Have fun and laugh every day

    I’ll enjoy and laugh every day so I can be satisfied when I look back on the way I walked.

  • Q2.What is that you won’t lose to anyone?


    Whenever I’m depressed, I will be back with the bed and food, so I think I’m the strongest of all!!

  • Q3.I’m surprisingly ●●

    A.Body temperature is surprisingly high

    How would you like me instead of having "Body-warmer"?


Everything I wanted to do is packed in the GP!
There are many things to study, but I’ll enjoy this environment and make it a motive force.
I will be the best producer who you can trust as a GP member, as a member of society, as a human being!!


I climbed Mt. Fuji at a celebration of my friend's marriage. I got tired by mistakeing the returning route, but now it is a good memory

My favorite photo taken by my favorite photographer



from YANO

He is a man of action who planned a solo exhibition in NY alone when he was a student.
By the way, he wasn’t able to speak English, and he has never been to NY.
I believe that his ability will make one step further of the GP. Please take a good care of him!

from DOI

I’ve got one more brother again!
He is very studious to read business manner books while traveling on the train. He will say "Tell me your advice" honestly what he doesn't understand.
I very much hope that he will be liked by everyone. There is also an extremely masochistic feeling that "he likes the situation to be driven in"!
Please give me a strict but warm guidance.