Event Director

I wrap everyone with my love


  • Date of Birth:

    July 7, 1990

  • Origin:


  • Work philosophy:

    "Sincerely step by step"

  • Job Expertise:

    "Turning on the concentration"

  • Hobbies:

    Stage theater, sewing, making accessories

  • Favorite Foods:

    Rice (I love carbohydrates)

  • Dream:

    Contributing to the Entertainment Industry

  • Career:

    Raised at Japan Women's University from elementary school to university, and joined as the first new graduate in the founding GP second year


Recaldent(gum) grapemint flavor

I have never bought anything other than this gum for 10 years since I was a high school first grade!
The reason…? I do not understand myself.
It is a good thing that can satisfy a little belly and the work has been more concentrated by chewing it. Please buy it by all means!


  • Q1.What was your most moved thing in your life?

    A.It is the stage of that I planned during the 4th year of university

    The five months of production was a daily routine of getting rid of myself, but I received many voices of thanks from customers at Senshuraku(last day) and thought, "What a wonderful job behind you!".

  • Q2.What is the secret you can not say to people?

    A.There is nothing I can not say to people ...

    My height increased 5mm and became 175cm when I became a member of society last year.
    I’m growing strongly.

  • Q3.Tell us about the love of GP?

    A.I'm not aware of it, but I'm talking about the company when I notice it in a private place ...

    Therefore, many people often say, "I really like the company now."


There are a lot of unremarkable parts but ...
My love for customers is second to none!
I want to be a producer who can shape the demand firmly as a professional.
Good at script writing and casting!


It is a performance of Takarazuka club that I belonged to in high school. I'm embarrassed to see it now ... haha. It is my important origin.

My hobby is making accessories. In fact, all the accessories I wear is self-made. I also exhibit at the Design Festa.



from YANO

I often work in the same team with her, as I am the first new graduate student, I feel she is like a disciple.
Maybe the number of times I shout at her is definitely No.1 at the company. I treat her like a younger brother since she is a first graduated person who joined us.
I will do my best together from now on!


She is so tall and elder sister who really loves Takarazuka. Her voice can reach and resonate wherever you are.
I think she is the best at this industry because her attitude (the gift from Heaven) for the clients at the field, at the time of pre-production, is so amazing.
Ideas and designs from a women's perspective unique and women’s point of view are thoughtful.
It is an enviable director who I really feel envious.