WEB strategy


  • Date of Birth:

    July 13, 1981

  • Origin:

    Yokohama-city, Kanagawa-prefecture

  • Work philosophy:

    Delivering a lot of "!" to the world

  • Job Expertise:


  • Hobbies:

    Sandlot baseball, guitar, snowboard, cooking

  • Favorite Foods:

    Tacos, Yakiniku (BBQ)

  • Dream:

    Major Leaguer

  • Career:

    Production company → Freelance WEB director → “!s co.ltd.” established in 2010 → GP


Acoustic guitar

The acoustic guitar I bought when I was 15 years old (1996).
I feel that my brain activates when I play the guitar.


  • Q1.How do you spend your days off?

    A.Play sandlot baseball seriously

    I seriously play sandlot baseball every Sunday. I throw right handed and bats left. Batting third, Rightfielder.
    Baseball is team play. The first hit is a hit, the second is a tight feed bant, and the third is a sticky hit before the center! The fourth is a full swing! I feel that there are many places that lead to work.
    I love baseball. I aim to be active player until the age of 60.

  • Q2.Please tell me that you are conscious of GP's website?

    A.Creating a place where valueful communication is established

    The two things I wanted to achieve were "Cool things that blow you away" and "Overwhelmingly smart".
    I reworked it many times to aim at a design that seems to be a GP.
    In addition, I aim to create a place where communication with value is continuously created with stress-free operability for each device, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
    I am working on production management with hopes that everyone will love more about GP through with my experience on the WEB.

  • Q3.What is your favorite page on GP's HP?

    A.Top page

    The point of typewriter-like movement "WE'RE EVENT PRODUCE COMPANY."
    A concise and imposing declaration.
    I was addicted to visuals as well.


I will be in charge of WEB production and marketing. GP has many attractions.
I will convey the attractiveness widely and work to be able to penetrate it deeply.


My hobby is sandlot baseball. We won in ward meeting. (2016)

I am recently getting addicted to cooking . (Salsa with plenty of green pepper)




Responsible for the production and marketing of our cool website.
He used to be my classmate from the time of my junior high. The most interesting and CRAZIEST person in an amateur society.
I was never considered to be with him at work since he is so idiot when I meet him in private, but as we work together, I was shocked of his seriousness and honesty!
He is an important member of the PR who is indispensable at the GP.


He is a superman who supports GP's website and marketing.
I am fascinated by how he leads the meeting with his creative ideas and logical thinking.
The first impression is a very sincere person, and his subtle charm is the feeling that holds the CRAZINESS.
I always applauded by the seriousness of delivering good things to our customers.
Please give best regard at GP!