• Bringing your vision to life

    Kouhata Masaki

    Masaki Kouhata

    CEO, Creative Director, Financial Accounting, and HR

    Established in 2012, Global Produce and our team has made continual efforts in producing events that “Bring happiness to the world”- which is also our company value.
    We are not just an event management company, but a company here to assist you in bringing your vision to life. No matter big or small, we aim to create an event that brings unforgettable moments and leave lasting memories.
    In the 21st century, our industry is becoming ever more important in making the world a better place by connecting people. We believe that the most revolutionary ideas come from the synergy of different ideas from different businesses. We believe that the most amazing event should connect, touch and inspire.
    Global Produce is about learning and growing. When we learn and grow, we can continue to provide creative solutions and remarkable services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We want to make our society livelier through our events.

  • Strategy planning
    in the communication area

    Kawamoto Tatsuto

    Tatsuto Kawamoto

    General manager and planner
    Company-wide planning control

    Reading reviews on the internet to decide whether we want to buy something or not, go to a certain café or not; watching last night’s TV shows on the train; using social media to communicate with friends. In today’s society where digital advertisement fees exceed one trillion yen, people rely so heavily on intangible virtual communication every day of their lives without even realizing it. It almost feels like we should take a moment to reconsider.
    Are we losing real emotions stirred by real events in exchange for convenience?
    Our clients come to us with different objectives. Our job is to help them come up with an effective plan that will meet their goal and execute an event that will touch the hearts of all the guests that attend.
    Global Produce continues to work on honing its skills to become a one-stop event planning solution service provider that can help you from strategic communication planning to executing any event by implementing the use of the latest technology. Let us help you stir hearts.

  • Sincerity
    Event operation

    Yano Akihito

    Akihito Yano

    Chief Producer-Marketing

    Our wish is to provide our clients with an experience they have never felt before and think, “We are so glad we came across Global Produce.”
    At Global Produce, we constantly analyze the trends and needs of the ever-changing times. We like to suggest events that create a two-way communication between the host and their guests. Therefore communicating with our clients is crucial to us.
    Global Produce is made up of young employees, including myself. We are always undergoing intensive training to help us perform at our highest potential whether it be communication, customized event planning, or customer service. We show our utmost appreciation for each and every client and project we produce.

  • What is the most important process
    for planning global events?

    Okutani Natsuro

    Natsuro Okutani

    Event Producer-Overseas Business Manager

    “Keeping my antenna out to catch waves of a lightbulb moment” has always been my motto. That’s also what we strive to do here. Working together as a team, together with our clients, we try our best to catch those lightbulb moments. We believe that this is how we can become the best even production company.
    I entered the event production industry about 40 years ago. I started out as a part-timer mainly helping out at concert productions. Over the years I have done sound production, stage production, directing, managing, world tours, oversea projects, you name it.
    Global Produce is aware that technology and equipment trends come and go. We make sure that we are at the forefront of change, equipped with the most current knowledge and resources so that our clients can put their trust in us to successfully put on an event that is unprecedented.
    No matter the time or how advanced technology becomes, ultimately it is people who put together a production. At the end of the day, no matter the country, no matter the race, it is people who gets touched by experiences. We at Global Produce would like to assist people from all over the globe to create exhilarating events.

  • Derive the best rendition to tell
    the client`s thought and vision

    Tomura Kouji

    Kouji Tomura

    Event producer / In charge of PR event

    If we have 100 events to put on, we may have 100 different expectations to meet. At Global Produce there is only one way to meet our clients’ expectation and that is to create “a successful event”. Our role is to deliver the best solution for each and every event.
    To help bring our clients’ visions to life, we ask guests attending the event questions like, “What do you want to get out of the event?”, and the hosts, “What kind of message do you want to deliver?” and “What do you think would be the best way to deliver your message?” With this information and the teaming of experts in technology, lighting, sound effect, art work and more, we are be able to create unique, customized experiences.
    We also pride ourselves in partnering up with the best in our field because we believe that partnership is what generates successful events.
    Global Produce will continue to collaborate with people within the industry to produce top-quality events that leave lasting memories.

  • Be a bridge that connects
    the world and Japan

    Miyanaga Mayo

    Mayo Miyanaga

    Account director
    In charge of WEB, General Affairs Chief and Partner Reliance

    “Unique Venue” has been the hot topic within the Meetings Incentives Conferencing Exhibitions (MICE) in recent years. Instead of using conventional event spaces like a rooms at hotels, banquet halls, etc., MICE is using venues like famous art museums, palaces, aquariums, amusement parks and deserted island to give guests the WOW factor!
    We have a lot of organizers coming to us asking us to help them curate events like themed parties, gala dinners and award nights, to provide their guests with jaw-dropping experience that make them feel special.
    Global Produce would like to venture into collaborating with companies overseas bridging the world together through events.

  • Spread the events that contribute to the
    clients and societies development

    Motoki Naoki

    Naoki Motoki

    Sales Chief Manager

    Our mission is to find event planning solutions that suit our clients’ need. From producing strategies to meet your objectives, to helping you find the purpose of the event, our team is here with you to plan every tiny detail.
    As you can tell from our name, Global Produce aims to become internationally recognized.
    Our staff include individuals who have lived overseas and are trained in international event planning. In fact, I am one of them. I have learned the why’s and how’s of putting on an event from a global perspective, connecting with people different countries from the same industry. From living abroad, I was able to see Japan from a different point of view.
    Tokyo will be a hot topic in 2020 and I, being a part of an event production company in Tokyo, am really looking forward to it. It is an opportunity for Japan to flourish again. Global Produce wants to contribute in helping businesses grow. We believe the more events we can be a part of, the more we can contribute to the growth of communities.

  • Became a memory of people who
    gather. Design the "Movement"

    Hayashi Kohei

    Kohei Hayashi

    Business strategy

    Our lives are made up of a collection of memories. You meet many different kinds of people, spend time with them at different places; enjoying beautiful views; hearing different sounds. What people have you met? What sights have you seen? What sounds have you heard? What memories have you made?
    In our ever-developing technology, people can meet through the internet anytime, anywhere. So, why would there be a need for people to meet in person? I believe that as long as we are human, we need to physically meet people and exercise our five senses in order for memories to be etched into our minds.
    Come to think of it, in any production of an event, the cost, quality or mood should not be the only things to consider. We should also consider whether or not we are creating memories.
    Global Produce is about designing memories. Envisioning every detail and every mood, we want to help bring that dream to life. We want to help you make memories of a lifetime.

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