ZOZO, Inc.


  • Theme of Event


  • Organizer

    ZOZO, Inc.

  • Date

    December 2015

  • Venue

    Hotel New Otani Makuhari
    Tsuru no ma

  • Number of participants

    600 people

  • Content

    The large-year party of ZOZOTOWN, Inc. that is the most significant Japanese fashion online shopping company.



Zozo Inc. operates Japan’s largest online fashion retailer known as “Zozotown” that has been growing rapidly since its start. Every year, Zozo holds various events for its staff.

What’s the purpose and significance of holding Year End Parties like “START TODAY CAMP” ?

Frankly, it is for the sake of unity. Every year, we come up with a new theme and the theme is based on what Maezawa’s (CEO) vision for the company is for the new year, then we plan accordingly.

Tell us a little bit about “ARIGATO (THANK You!)”, your theme this year.

The number of employees has been increasing in recent years. We have about 600 employees now and it can be difficult to remember who is responsible for what duties in what division within the company.

So this year, we have planned “ARIGATOU” to express our gratitude to our staff and also to recognize the specific individuals. In doing so, we created a video of people extending their thanks.

How did the staff react?

We think the staff enjoyed the event very much. We could definitely feel an intangible warm aura at the office the following day. After all, we think it is important for staff to know that they are appreciated for their hard work. Of course mingling over food and drinks is just icing on the cake. Every year, after the “START TODAY CAMP” there would be staff approaching us expessing how much they have enjoyed “START TODAY CAMP”. Whenever we hear this, we are just so glad that we did it.

Does It always take two months to prepare the event?

Usually, we would brainstorm for themes with Mr. Maezawa three months before the event. With the help of Mr. Tomura (GP staff) and other staff, we are able to put our vision to life. There have been times in the past where we didn’t even have a month to prepare, so it really depends.

Planning starts when the general theme has been decided.

From the music to the video footage selection, the lighting to even the way guests enter the venue – all these aspects have been directed by Mr. Tomura. Even if it’s just one song, depending on the selection, it can completely alter the atmosphere. Both ourselves and Management think that “START TODAY CAMP” could not have happened without Mr. Tomura’s help.

From big picture ideas to the tiniest details, Mr. Tomura will never refuse to help or give no as an answer. For instance, the selection of costumes worn on stage, standing positions, or even questions asked out of the blue, he always has a solution for anything and everything.

Does everybody participate in this event?

We would say that attendance is generally pretty high. Most of our staff do attend this big annual event. Those who cannot make it are usually absent because they are sick or have other engagements that they cannot reschedule.

I guess it is safe to say that most people are reluctant to go to company events, Is it the same for your company?

As far as we know, we think that most of our staff are excited about our company events. We overhear people saying, “I wonder what event we will be doing this year?” So I am convinced that most people must have had a great time in previous company events and are looking forward to the upcoming events.

What is your trick to get all your employees involved in the company events?

We try not to forget that the event is for our staff. We want the event to be meaningful as well as fun for them. So before planning the event, we would have our staff fill out a questionnaire to get an idea of what they are anticipating. We really want to make the event memorable, meaningful and of course, fun.

What kind of thoughts are you always facing since the event will be held every year from now on?

I feel very rewarding. A few members of out of 600 people can organize this event that everyone gathers once a year to convey the message by the company and the feelings of the representative to everyone without making it complicated. So, I feel thankful and try to meet expectations in many ways.

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