First of all, I would like to ask about your company’s situation and introduce you to our company.
Please do not hesitate to make a request if you have a representative in charge.
For specific consultations and requests, you will receive an orientation for implementation.
Hearing will be held several times if necessary.

Please let us know your (5W2H) for the event.

  • Who(Target)

    We will plan according to the number of participants,
    conditions, the gender ratio, age, and attributes, etc.

  • What(Contents)

    Please tell us the implementation details and issues.

  • When(Date and time)

    Please tell us the time of production and the
    preparation period.
    We will consider a realistic plan by setting a final goal
    and deadline.

  • Where(place)

    We will offer suggestions for the best venue, like hotels, event venues, outdoors, etc.

  • Why(the purpose)

    Please tell us the expected effects of the implementation.
    Setting a goal clears your sense of purpose.

  • How(means)

    Please let us know if you have preconditions or constraints in the implementation.

  • How

    Please let us know if you have a budget expectation or upper limit budget in advance.


Please let us know if you have any concerns in order to have a better plan
There are essential planning tips in vague anxiety.


We at Global Produce value reliability,
realizing thoughts and delivering impactful results.
From the initial consultation to the final meeting,
everything is noted and compiled into
an insightful proposal brochure before the event is executed.

The brochure will include:

Plan Briefing Implementation summary / Venue details etc.
Concept Concept / Event Theme etc.
Highlights Memorable Touchpoints etc.
Event Management Team Organizer / Global Produce / External Collaboration etc.
Venue Staging / Space Planning etc.
Media Videography / Photography etc.
Hospitality Plan Reception / Hosting / Service / Foods and Beverage etc.
Performing Guests MC / Artists / Models etc.
Production Schedule Scheduling / Budgeting / All Event Documentation etc.

Past proposal cases

  • Award event

    award method / top award method / party direction

  • Sports event

    Competition plan / Opening ceremony / Closing ceremony

  • A showcase of new products

    Expressing the world view of products / Presentation method

  • Anniversary ceremony

    history VTR / representative presentation method


Sometimes, unconventional events are necessary.
The more challenging the planning and organizing, the more amazing and impactful the event turns out.


Before the execution of any event,
we will hold a one hour long meeting run through of the event and finalize details and/or make adjustments.



We will go over the plan before execution.
During the preparation period, regular meetings will be held to ensure you know the progress of the production planning.
As well, for you to express any concerns or changes that needs to be made.


  • 1. External partner coordination

    Sounds and lightings / Visual equipment / Stage work decoration / Performers etc

  • 2. Production schedule management

    Both tasks and role arrangement / Setting of regular MTG /
    Deadline sharing

  • 3. Operation Manual

    Implementation outline / System / Stage preparation and rehearsal schedule / Design /
    Operation plan / equipment list

  • 4. Event script

    Stage production plans / MC comments / Image development etc

  • 5. Various application documents

    Fire department / Police station / Health center notification

  • 6. OTHERS

    Image Conte / souvenir design / printed matter /
    Awards / staff movement chart etc


Sometimes, unconventional events are necessary.
The more challenging the planning and organizing, the more amazing and impactful the event turns out.


Global Produce will help you promote your event using various mediums (sending out invitations, internet notification etc.).
An Execution Committee will take care of promotion near the date of the event.


After all the planning and rehearsing, the big day finally comes.
It’s SHOW TIME! However, things do not always go according to the plan.
There are, of course, always last minute changes or complications even for the most organized event.
Global Produce will not fail you when things go awry.
No matter the issue, we are trained professionals that are flexible and ready to deal with any unexpected situation.
To wrap up the entire event, we will assist you in sending out Thank You letters and creating an accessible webpage with the event’s videos and photography for your guests to relive their memories.

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