Business strategy

Catalyst of all

I like and am good at drawing out and making the most of the "special ability" of people and organizations.


  • Date of Birth:

    November 16, 1975

  • Origin:

    Ota-ward, Tokyo

  • Work philosophy:

    Strong and gentle loose

  • Job Expertise:

    Theory × Sensitivity

  • Hobbies:

    Going to the gym, cooking, collecting miscellaneous goods

  • Favorite Foods:

    Meat dishes, salads, sweets

  • Dream:

    Careless everyday and modest happiness

  • Career:

    Accenture → JTB → architect training → GLOBIS → Now!



I like cute things in general, especially Miffy. The author, Dick Bruna, is also respected as a professional man & designer.


  • Q1.What are the recommended spots for the GP office?

    A.1F Office Space

    It is lively and warm, and the personality of each person's desk oozes.

  • Q2.When is the most exciting time (or plan) in your life?

    A.Now & from here

    I thought so gradually.

  • Q3.Tell us about the love of GP?

    A.Do a good job


The place where sometimes irreplaceable memories are engraved is the place where people gather is an accumulation of one scene of each person's life when it is finished.
I would like to watch and support the evolution of the GP that is the studio from behind the scenes.


My family is a source of energy. I get in the way of dogs when I work at home.

I like architecture. I am especially excited by the amazing look of the unknown building.




I am familiar with the old days of joining the same job in the previous job I was in the event produce department and she was the consulting department.
She participated in GLOBAL PRODUCE to raise the level of TEAM, which is one level higher than our customers and to the society.
"The mid- and long-term management strategy" and "The manager skill improvement" are the immediate missions.


When I first met, I talked for a while since I was fascinated by the kind eyes and smile.
Rather, it might be more correct that she listened to my voice.
She listens to the story carefully and gives relief naturally by an accurate response. I noticed that I was the listener,she draws and leads the story.
A wonderful and mysterious talented person full of dignity. She is exactly a "teacher."