Now recruiting fellow workers of GLOBAL PRODUCE.
Would you like to aim at the world's best event production company with us?
You can deliver "Creative and Passion" directly to the participants.
Greedy for growth, always keep challenging.
To acquire certain skills.
To create moves with close communication.
We, GLOBAL PRODUCE, are looking for the best partners.



3 roles are commonplace.
Event Direction / PR Branding / Recruitment
Assistant work in all



People can be our clients as long as there is an event, whether inside or outside Japan.
A person who can produce, Sales Strategy Planning/New Development/ Take a leading place, between clients.


Product direction of corporate events received by GLOBAL PRODUCE
Proceed and Collaborate with Partners / Company Content Development / Quality Direction etc.

・PR Manager
・Team Builder
・GP Labo Researcher

Public Relations / Human Resources / New Business Development / Planning / Business Proposal / New Content Development etc.
Operating an aggressive back-office stance based on GLOBAL PRODUCE
New Business Development / Marketing / Creator / Designer etc.


We would like to welcome you as a team member and create great events together!

GLOBAL PRODUCE will continue to exist as a professional group of events.

We are always looking for partner-companies as the same professional

All things related to the events, Image Creator / Stage Design / Director / Event Director / Designer / Casting / Promotions / Productions.

Please contact us from the inquiry form if you want to work with GLOBAL PRODUCE,

We'll be expecting you.

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