The application window for 2019 has been closed.

Please apply for the next competition - we are look ing forward to your future application.

To everyone who applied:
Thank you for your passionate and creative work !

To everyone who watched -
Thank you for joining !
We hope we could move your heart.

The purpose of holding this “SHORT FILM CONTEST” is that many people who have seen the contributions feel like they are deeply moved,
have tears in their eyes or feel brightened up. In order to deliver some “Kokoro-Ugoku” we wanted to implement our content to society.

The most important thing for us as event producers is to design the moment when a human heart will be moved by professional work.
Though, in recent years , not only stage productions but also video expressions have become a very important factor.

Although the event was l abeled as CONTEST, we hope participants didn't focus too much on competition.

Furthermore, we hope that it was an opportunity for many creators to show their skills and creativity to the world.

We watched all the works over and over again - and often felt that
there were so many different ways to come up with just the keyword “Kokoro-Ugoku”.

Some work s were surprising and moved us , and we thought "Oh! I t's a new way to express"
We also l earned that the most important things were the direction and writing skills,
as well in addition to shooting and editing techniques.

- One day, suddenly something important is lost.
- A person who followed through on their own intention about life.
- The beautiful forest scenery captivated the audience
- Family ties ... Life conflicts and anguish ...

We exchanged opinions with the judges , and this time we selected 2 semi-Grand Prix works , 2 judges special prizes and 1 student section prize.
(All of them were beautiful and fascinating , so in terms of "Kokoro Ugoku,"
it was not unanimous with "This work is No. 1!". That's why the Grand Prix is no longer applicable.)

Thank you very much to everyone who participated and cooperated. We were impressed.
Let's do it again in 2020.

Judge Representative Masaki Kouhata



Each award-winning work

  • Grand Prix

    Not applicable

  • Associate Grand Prix

    Dear my father

    Director: Hidetada Tanaka

    People would like to express gratitude to the “family” as a wedding ceremony will take place. Also, people want to convey thoughts in the place where they were born and raised. A love letter from a daughter to her father. I can no longer say thank you because my father has already passed away. I want you to feel that the natural thing of “telling” is essential.

    Jury comment

    Overall, the distance between the shooting side and the subject is exquisite, and this work has brought out the natural expressions and lines of the performers very well. The scenes of the opening cuts and the crying daughter's up are supposed to have a camera in front of the subject, and usually, you will not be able to shoot natural expressions so far due to tension, etc ...! It was a wonderful work that had a lot of points that impressed. Especially, we could catch some meaning behind by the father's back view of the last family scene.

  • Associate Grand Prix


    Director: Shinpei Harada

    “There are some photos that you can take with your heart even if you cannot see them with your eyes.”
    - That's what my relative said last year who lost his eyesight due to an unknown cause.

    He is still enthusiastic about taking photos, and he still lives positively and strongly while others might only feel sorry for themselves. What do people feel and how do they act after watching this? I expressed my answer through the making of this film.

    Jury comment

    The shooting and editing were great, and the overall quality, including the performance, was great. We felt that the script and story also matched the theme of this contest. Although it was an entry from the general amateur section, it was more than the skills of an amateur. In terms of “Kokoro Ugoku,” we agreed it needed one more step for the Grand Prix, and we were selected as quasi-Grand Prix. The film has definitely moved our thoughts.

Special Jury Prize / Student category award

  • Special Jury Prize


    Flagship Orchestra Inc.
    Director: FSO Berlin

    Chloe ran away from her mother - and she remembers the feelings she had about her mother when she saw a girl's innocent love for her mother in her dream. The changes in feelings were expressed through images. At the end of the film, Chloe, who returned to the real world, couldn't see how she acted on her mother but the design was made to empathize with the self-experience of the viewer.

    Jury comment

    Because the shooting took place in Berlin - Germany, the darkness peculiar to Europe and the view of the world were wonderfully expressed in the video, music, and editing . It made us feel to see very professional work. Since it was an abstract work throughout, it could have been a Grand Prix-winner if it was a little easier to understand in terms of “Kokoro-Ugoku” and if that could have been immersed in the lingering finish.

  • Special Jury Prize

    Seriously, LOVE

    THINGMEDIA Co., Ltd.
    Director: Kazuki Sato

    The way of life of a real enthusiast is cool. This way of life is full of love. We think that love is what moves the heart. Ninety percent of the revenue is spent on idols and participates in 466 live shows in one year Mr. Gulliver who is a god of idol Otaku-enthusiast, one of the top 5 in Japan.. We would like to show the real-life of him.

    Jury comment

    The most original work of this entry, and the work that surprised us , "Oh! I t's a new way to express"
    The creative idea was evaluated and selected for the Jury Special Award. The judges were unanimous for this originality. Rather than a short film, it has been completed as a trailer for a documentary program, and it is a work that you'll definitely want to see a whole sequel to.

  • Student category award

    The time of our life

    Director: Kiichi Komai

    The theme of taking an examination and club activities inevitably came to mind when we thought of a topic that could be conveyed most truly as a high school student. On the one hand, high school life is painful and long, but on the other hand, it is also a time when we could make the best effort for ourselves. It was hard to make it alone, but we are grateful to our classmates, who were happy to perform.

    Jury comment

    We felt that shooting and editing were both impressing . The video is beautiful and it is really wonderful that high school students were able to produce work like this . This kind of teenage conflict is unique to high school students . We felt that there are almost infinite possibilities for the future. People of the same age might be very sympathetic to this film. By all means , we hope that he will continue producing and expressing videos . And next time we hope that he creates a wide-generation “Kokoro Ugoku” work , not limited to a specific age.


Works that passed the first screening

  • Recollection of grandmother

    Director: Youhei Shimoda

    August 15. When I went back to my home-town, my grandmother told me about her childhood ... and the happiness that four generations gathered under one roof - but why does my heart hurt? Demonstration Movement, Japan-Korea Issues ...When my grandmother was a child, the war was still ongoing. It must have been a dangerous story at that time. Maybe, that's why she might have remembered it.

    I'm thankful for being able to record her memories.

  • Indifference

    bird and insect Co., Ltd.
    Director: Shuma

    "The boy was drowned in loneliness - next to the endless flow of people who do not have a heart beating in their chest." We often hear news about abuse, solitary death, bullying, and suicide.

    An environment like the bottom of the deep sea, where it is not easy to raise a voice and call for help. What is necessary for a modern society filled with indifference?

  • Shall we start to make a video production?

    Director: Shouhei Miwa

    There is a new era in which anyone can make videos. Cool, funny and cute ones. There are various videos, having more value than you expected. We recommend a new form of gift for a girl who is thankful to her parents. “Would you like to gift a video that you made by yourself?” What is the best present? We will give you a chance to think about it.

  • Pill Bug

    Good Feeling Co., Ltd.
    Director: Tomohiro Sakai

    At first glance, pill bugs look lame and slow. Even if people make fun of you, I think that it is stunning that you don't mind it and live honestly based on something important and your own beliefs. "The promise of father and son, and the connection of feelings." Based on that theme, we made a cheerful movie.

  • How to look at the world for a little bit more shining.

    Director: Chihiro Ashida

    The idea of this film is that all the people who spend their busy days should be helped to spend a little bit more cheerful and calmer days.

    I hope that a little change in consciousness will make you feel more comfortable in your mind and change how you see the world.

  • My Summer 2019 -The story of a boy-

    Director: Kouta Koguro

    I summarized the events I experienced in the summer of 2019 in a two-minute video. I was able to make many memories with my friends when I was a high school student. Memories from the time of high school should be a lifetime treasure, so take a trip with your camera.
    And summer seems long, but it's short, so let's live with all our power and no regrets.


  • Theme

    "Kokoro Ugoku - heart touching ."

  • Qualification for participation

    No age restrictions / not only professionals

  • Schedule

    1) Application deadline: Sunday, September 1st, 2019* at 23:59

    2) Initial screening announcement: Monday, September 16th, 2019
    * Works that have passed the primary screening will be posted on this website.

    3) Final result announcement: Thursday, October 10th, 2019

  • Total prize money

    Grand Prix : 1,000,000 yenAs sociate Grand Prix : 200,000 yen

    Special Jury Prize: 100,000 yenStudent category special prize: 100,000 yen

  • Screening method

    Determined by the review of the judges , based on the review standards .
    * We will also refer to the number of spreads on the Internet, such as SNS

  • Examination criteria

    ・ Technical aspects (planning ability/expressionability/editing ability)

    ・ Is it “Kokoro Ugoku” or not. (Does the movie touch the viewer’s heart?)




    CEO of GLOBALPRODUCE Co., Ltd./ Event Producer

    Engaged in event production at JTB Group.
    Founded GP in 2012.

    Collects professionals from the industry and creates a producer group.
    The company plans and produces more than 100 events annually in Japan and abroad.
    As an individual , he is good at stage productions for large conventions of 5,000 to 20,000 people.
    In recent years , the Harajuku Summer Festival and TOKYO BIJIN Project have been significant projects .



    CEO of ARTSTECH Co., Ltd. / CM Director / Filmmaker / Photographer / Writer

    As a CM director and filmmaker, he has long been at the forefront.

    Focusing on "Web animation" and "Web drama" as one of the first in Japan. Also he is a hitmaker of “a video that makes a splash”.

    In recent years, he has been active not only in video production, but also in a wide range of fields such as stage production, photo exhibitions, book writing, and lecture activities.



    CEO of 4thFILM Co., Ltd. / Video Director

    MUJI 's promotional video “TOKYO PEN PIXEL” in Paris won many advertising awards , including ONE SHOW, one of the three largest advertising festivals in the world, and ADFEST, SPIKES ASIA, the l arges the largest advertising festival in Asia.

    Producer in charge of NHK E Tele's “Techne Video Class ,” a program that conveys creative video techniques nationwide.

    Currently producing TV drama as producer and director.

  • KEN THE 390

    KEN THE 390

    Rapper/Organizer of the music label “DREAM BOY”

    After many achievements in a freestyle battle, debuted in 2006 with the album "Prologue". Nine albums have been released so far.

    At the same time, he participated in the performances of numerous artists such as KREVA, Maboroshi , SKY-HI , Shota Shimizu, Thelma Aoyama.

    In May 2019, the 10th original album “Unbirthday” was released.

    He also appeared as a judge on the MC battle program “Freestyle Dungeon” currently broadcast on TV Asahi . Accurate comments in the program are getting attention.

    In recent years , he has appeared in commercials , stages , and video works . Provide lyrics to various artists beyond genres . Performed live events in Thailand, Vietnam, Peru and other countries .

    Since August 2018, he has expanded his activities even further, including serving as the main personality for the “TOKYO SOUNDS GOOD” broadcast live from 14:00 to 17:00 on Fridays from TOKYO FM.