Event Director

GP chopper

I am the youngest in the company!
Therefore, it is sometimes said that I am petty employee. . .
I will do my best to "Do what I can do now" in order to fulfill the dream of becoming an event producer!!


  • Date of Birth:

    August 14, 1993

  • Origin:


  • Work philosophy:

    Do everything natural whatever I have to do

  • Job Expertise:

    It's All You Need

  • Hobbies:

    Ukulele, voice percussion, aerobics

  • Favorite Foods:

    Pork kimchi, fried egg

  • Dream:

    Become a cool "adult"

  • Career:

    Tokyo culture culture → GP



The GP's final interview is a presentation in front of all GP members.
The measure of bitterness that I thought was "breaking tile" since I want to leave some impact!!
Unfortunately it didn't break, thanks to that? I was able to enter the GP where I've always dreamed of!


  • Q1.What is your favorite point of work?

    A.Recognize and act before anyone

    I want to work forever without forgetting even there are times when I can not be done yet with my job.

  • Q2.What do you think this is second to none?


    I don't know for myself, but people often say "pure".
    After starting work, I think I want some sloppy stuff. But as I am myself, I want to grow by working seriously one by one!

  • Q3.Tell us about the love of GP?

    A.One and only

    In fact, I have had a past interview three times before I entered the GP.
    However, I did not give up no matter how many times I fell, and at the end I was obsessed!
    I am really happy to be in the GP.


I loved the event and entered this industry.
I think events have the power to move people's hearts.
"Bring Happiness in the world through events!"
This phrase resonates with me.
I want to be an event producer who can deliver a smile, even if only slightly, to the world!!


My motivation gets high when I see the Belgium's large festival "TOMORROW LAND"!

I love the works of "Mitsuo Aida"! The sense of this word and the touch of the picture are unbearable.



from YANO

He has been a baseball club, and regardless of its appearance, he appears to be an athletic club system.
For some reason he always have a huge backpack and I want him to be bought and replaced.
He may look sloth, but the SPI figure is the TOP class among all interviewers.
Please train strictly at him!


He is a natural beloved character that he is loved by everyone.
There may be many people who are healed by his existence, whether inside or outside the company.
I feel even more jealous in that way of being loved by everyone, but I can not convinced that he shows more stoic attitude towards work than anyone else.
Let's grow together as a good senior and a good rival from now on!