Chief Director

Kyushu boy weak in alcohol, demon coach of GP


  • Date of Birth:

    March 20, 1978

  • Origin:


  • Work philosophy:

    Just do it!

  • Job Expertise:

    Advance carefully / Create detailed materials

  • Hobbies:

    Go out for a gym & work & bully junior!

  • Favorite Foods:

    I like everything that looks good for health

  • Dream:

    Make GP to a company loved from all over the world

  • Career:

    2012 GP establishment


Bookshelf all over the wall at the house

I’m becoming study-hard person every year as I get order (I'm really true!)
My work has been fine and my daily motivation has been even higher since this big bookshelf arrived at home.


  • Q1.Who is the person you respect?

    A.There are many

    Konosuke Matsushita / Hideyoshi Toyotomi / Steve Jobs / Takamori Nishigo / Kazuhiro Komiya / Yoshitaka Kitao / Susumu Fujita / John Raceter / Sou Sou / Kanshin / Richard Branson / Taichi Sakaiya / Masaki Otsuka / Koichi Hori / Hayao Miyazaki / Kazuo Inamori / Masayuki Akiyama / Ichiro / Takehiko Inoue

  • Q2.Tell us about the love of GP?

    A.Prepare and empower an environment where you can play an active role

    My GP love is to create an environment where members with high passion, ability and sense of responsibility can freely play active roles, and to empower them.
    I sincerely hope that all GP staff members are humble, trusting, beloved and committed to the promises of society.


I always think "A person who enjoys work as a part of life is a professional in work".
For me, this work is “spirit” and romance.
I want to do the work that shakes the mind of the people who sees from now on!
Please continue your favors toward GLOBAL PRODUCE.
I will work hard!


I am actually mixed sex twins. I am in the right side.

It was the time when we left with the event at Seibu Dome in the first year of establishment. I was really happy!




Anyway, "Strict of Activity" and "Strict of Speed"!!
It is misleading to express it as "Oni (Strict)", but he thinks about employees more than anyone.
Occasionally he sometimes become "Oni (Strict)" to the employees, but that is to move the company forward.
As a company leader, as a venture company, I have to take my hat off of the thrust of Mr. Kouhata for advancing things!
Oops, I can not take my hat off. . . I will follow him with the engine fully open!!

from YANO

Mr.Kouhata is a relationship from my previous job and it’s been about 10 years since we met each other.
I thought that he would be able to work more excitingly in his future life when he decided to start a business, and I made a decision to start a business together without any doubt.
There is no mistake in the decision even I look back now.
Mr.Kouhata’s management sense is the ability that everyone recognizes.
I think that GP is a good company when I look at Mr.Kouhata and current employees.