Event Director

Naniwa curly hair dude

I read the word and included my features.
Please remember as the only eye glasses character at GP!


  • Date of Birth:

    September 20, 1992

  • Origin:

    Born in Hokkaido, raised in Osaka-prefecture

  • Work philosophy:

    Do not compromise

  • Job Expertise:

    Listening Ability

  • Hobbies:

    Traveling alone, reading, Karaoke, photography

  • Favorite Foods:

    Omelet rice, sushi, meat

  • Dream:

    Become an adult yearning by someone

  • Career:

    TV program production company → GP



I always wear a necklace.
It's quite noticeable, so the first time you see it, you will always be asked why it is, but let's keep it secret.
I hope you will hear it directly when you meet us!


  • Q1.What is your commitment not to lose anyone?

    A.Everything is to be enjoyed.

    I think it is important to be prepared to enjoy the situation where you are now with a smile only because you have a hard time.
    A smiling face is more attractive than a painful one.

  • Q2.When do you think it was good to live?

    A.I feel blessed with my surroundings so that I do not think it was good to live, and I am living a life with a good life.

    There is one that I got lost in the middle of the night in Morocco, and I thought it was good to live when I finally arrived at the hotel!

  • Q3.What is your favorite part of GP?

    A.There are too many to write here

    If you dare to mention, the most cool adults are here.
    Of course it looks like a professional, high-profile, very cool attitude to work as a professional.


There were twists and turns, but I went around and became a member of the GP.
I think there are many future lives, but I want to have fun while involving people around with my own smile.
"From GP to the world"
Let's spread the circle of smiles more and more, in addition, I will make every effort to meet your expectations!


Cats that I care at my parents' house. They look more like brothers than a pet.

I studied abroad in Spain when I was a student. My experiences and encounters abroad are part of my treasures.



from EN

With regard to anything, the form that is taken seriously is really cool!
Of course not only a serious expression, but Matsu-chan's smile was the most impressive.
I think that people around her are also getting energy from Matsu-chan's smile!


Mr. Matsuzaki looks gentle at the first glance!
However, I noticed recently that her core is very strong. While joining the company for the third week, I often look at his appearance and feel cool especially when she called out her opinion!
It is the same team, "friend" and "rival".
Let's work hard and aim for cool producers each other!