Account Director/PR Manager

A naughtiness, selfish event producer who act all over the world

I think there are many people who know, but there are many requests and I am selfish. .


  • Date of Birth:

    January 12, 1982

  • Origin:

    Born in Gotanda, raised in Kanagawa-ward. My father is a man from Kagoshima.

  • Work philosophy:

    Speed & accuracy & always perfect (want to be)

  • Job Expertise:

    I am the company's best spirit and strength of all

  • Hobbies:

    Ear cleaning

  • Favorite Foods:

    Steam dumplings , Medium fatty tuna

  • Dream:

    Experience Christmas & Countdown around the world

  • Career:

    Recruit → JTB event company → GP establishment


MacBook Air · Thunderbolt Display

In any cases, I can not rest without this MacBook Air.
I use Thunderbolt Display for monitoring at an office.


  • Q1.What are the recommended spots at the GP?

    A.G-SITE at 5F

    Speaking of Daikanyama is T-SITE, but speaking of Harajuku is G-SITE!
    Everyone, feel free to use it.

  • Q2.What is the most impressive memory so far?

    A.ap bank

    I cry loudly seeing Mr.Sakurai singing at ap bank, who I loved from the junior high school, infront of my eyes at the stage.

  • Q3.What is your ideal GP?

    A.Professional mind

    All the staff members always keep offering great topics (seriously!) by having the professionalism in our mind.


I will try to put in my mind to live more humble and beautiful way because I always emotionally depressing my cute juniors.
Aim for Nightingale.


I went to the winery in Napa Valley after SFO business trip.

My one and only lovely car, MINI. I have been riding for more than 15 years




I feel [natural balancer] about her.
While doing all the fine work related to general affairs of the GP as well as the actual work. She gives some crazy ideas (in a good sense!) and subsequent (charming) high laughter.
The sense of balance which has both delicateness and exhilaration, adultiness and cuteness reign as a top producer of the GP.
I think that I want her to create even better work from now on.

from DOI

She is a woman who is so powerful that she can not imagine from the appearance of a small girl with very feminine.
She is an elder sister as a "general affairs manager" in the GP, who also serves as a newcomer education while preparing the environment in the company.
Her job is not only at event work, but she works at general affairs, handles a wide range of work such as WEB strategy. There is also a cute side where the vibe is suddenly loosened when you drink alcohol!