Event Director/Web Marketing

Charisma that Tokushima gave birth

I had more luck that I hit out almost everyday with vending machine back in childhood. I think I have a sense but I have never tried it since I turned adult.


  • Date of Birth:

    June 2, 1989

  • Origin:

    Awa-Odori in Tokushima Prefecture

  • Work philosophy:

    "Anyone can do what no one can do"

  • Job Expertise:

    "Immediate action"

  • Hobbies:

    Tennis (prefecture tournament experience 3 times)

  • Favorite Foods:

    Fish-katsu / Sweets in general

  • Dream:

    Event producer who brings happiness to the world

  • Career:

    Joined GP as a new 2nd term student



I love writing! I love stationery! On the day off, I always enjoy walking to LOFT or Tokyu Hands.
Please let me know if there are recommended stationary!


  • Q1.When is the most fun time at working?

    A.When I’m thinking of fun planning

    I still lose to seniors in planning ability, among them, everyone will be pleased with the planning ability that is second to none event producer!

  • Q2.What is your favorite point of work?

    A.I will review the over and over again

    I try to eliminate mistakes by putting in a habit of reviewing many times since I sometimes have a time being lazy.

  • Q3.Tell us about the love of GP?

    A.GP stickers everywhere


I’m working hard every day to spread the GP in the world.
Please see every corner of the web page of everyone GP as we will continue to increase interesting content!
Please check especially with the TOPICS since I am a writer!
Aim for 1 million PV! !
I also will do my best as a event producer for the work!


When I was an university student, I belonged to an event club activities. This is my favorite picture took when I was a representative. By the way, I’m not in this photo.

I am a country child. I think you can guess something from Tokushima Prefecture and from Tokushima City, there are only rice fields and mountains around.




Why isn't he got any steady girl-friend with that looks? Why are you always calm and do not get over?
The handsome director who is so mystery comes with "Why?"
Even at work, "Why?" is attached.
I'm convinced that his brain that pursues various "mysteries" deeply from the viewpoint of effect and purpose, which he thinks "Why?" and "Why?" all the time.
Please solve the mystery why he can’t make any steady girl friend!

from YANO

He is very serious and reliable junior for my work. It is disappointing that he does not have a tendency to girls. .
When I was about the same age, I was doing my best at work and play. Murakami! Master the seniors!