Event Producer/Recreation Chief

Eternal looking age of 20s to meet every customer's demand


  • Date of Birth:

    November 1, 1980

  • Origin:

    Nakano-ward, Tokyo

  • Work philosophy:

    Make fun all around the world, and make smile all around the world

  • Job Expertise:

    Promotion of work that everyone involved seems to be pleasant and fun

  • Hobbies:

    Baseball, Golf, Snowboard, Survival Game, Yahoo Topics, Beer

  • Favorite Foods:

    Chinese, Soba

  • Dream:

    I would like to travel abroad in the age 80s

  • Career:



Show enchanting with sunglasses

I don’t usually wear it because it doesn't look good on me.
Please give me your luck when I’m wearing.
I’ll be looking for sunglasses that look good on me!


  • Q1.When was the time you were most naghty ?

    A.At the fourth grade of elementary school

    I was the worst when I was in fourth grade (Up to high school).
    It was a pleasant feeling to break Shoji and I could not quit!

  • Q2.What do you think is second to none?

    A.A. [lively human power] (= force to take advantage of the people)

    An event can not be created with one person's power.
    However, I believe that there is no limit to that power when the power of each "INDIVIDUAL" is united.
    Create an environment in which all the members involved can make full use of energy, and make one event successful.

  • Q3.Tell us about the love of GP ?

    A.A love loop where you want to take care of members who want to take care of GPs that take care of people!


I really like small encounters.
It becomes a great power when a connection leads connection, later it will grow even bigger and the fun will be doubled.
I know the way of having fun of going to one goal together.
I will do my best to create the best team for that.
A small encounter and a big impression are the motive force.


My first scuba-diving! Taking photo before being eaten

We’ve suddenly prepared balloons, and balloons will not be used suddenly in production, and we all returned to the waiting room imposingly. Cool!!




I have never met one with such a good first impression. He does not make customers completely uneasy with a sense of trust that does not change from the first impression.
He is good at work as well as he is really handsome. God seems to have given him two hands. The direction I should aim for is Tomura-san, and I always keep chasing his back.


It's been over 10 years since I met, but I have never seen a man as honest as him. I would like to apprehend his attitude that he will never escape from the troubles in front of him.
I believe that not only technology but also its humanity will be a great foundation for the future of the GP.