Special Coordinator

Unexpected capybara

The leisurely healing capybara actually runs fast and good at swimming.
I may have such a gap…


  • Date of Birth:

    Date of Birth: August 3, 1991

  • Origin:


  • Work philosophy:

    “Accurate, polite, quick”

  • Job Expertise:

    Heartful correspondense

  • Hobbies:

    Music, live watching, visit the cafe

  • Favorite Foods:

    Meat, omlette

  • Dream:

    Become a cute grandmother

  • Career:

    Information, receptionist → GP


Custom made of "gram"

I made this when I went to Kamakura with my high school friend.
I have noticed that I have been wearing it for several years.


  • Q1. What do you compare yourself to animals?


    As I wrote in the catch phrase, is it "capybara"? ?
    I do not know the ecology of capybara well ...
    I thought of the parts look similar with "the gap between feature with the appearance!"

  • Q2. What is your favorite TV program?

    A."No.1" can not be decided!

    I watch program when gluttony and gourmet are shown on TV because I enjoy eating around.
    And, I love variety show! "Downtown on Wednesday, Ame-Talk!" maybe other more …
    "I guess I can not be decided which is No.1!"

  • Q3.What is your favorite part of GP?

    A.Warm feelings of GP members

    Where Mr. Kouhata gives a lot of food. ...just kidding.
    I like the lively atmosphere and warm feeling of GP members. They always cheer me by saying “I'll see you later!”, “I'll see you around!”.


Almost 100% of people who get along well with me will say "You are different from the first impression!"
It seems like there is a gap.
As a GP assistant, I will support all of you showing the power of a good meaning of a gap!!


It is a French-bulldog of "Genmai". This is the time when he just came to my home, and now he has become a great fatty body. I love everything from snoring to fart.

High school graduation ceremony. It was a graduation ceremony in which the personality of the dress and cosplay had exploded!




She is a kindhearted elder sister who loves animals.
As the title of the special coordinator, we offer a wide range of jobs related to hiring related / new inquiries / new projects in GP / invoicing.
She tells me a lot of information which I’ve never noticed before since she is an extraordinary TV loving-girl.


Her good behavior and high response ability of calm are wonderful.
She was completely taken charge of personnel recruitment after joint the company, but she was able to adapt quickly and manage without difficulty ... I think she is so great!.
And every single work is really beautiful ...!! I can learn so many things just looking around.
Let's do our best together from now on ♪