Production Chief/Event Producer

Veteran style, mid-level event producer

Customers often ask about the age when promoting a project.
They will be surprised if I tell the actual age ... Do I look so old to you?


  • Date of Birth:

    July 20, 1982

  • Origin:


  • Work philosophy:

    I do not set my limits

  • Job Expertise:

    120% with Customer Satisfaction (Please contact anytime since my footwork is so light)

  • Hobbies:

    Village development

  • Favorite Foods:

    Ramen, Fried Rice, Chinese food in general

  • Dream:

    Having a drink with my kid when he turned 20 years old

  • Career:

    Vivino, Inc. → JTB motivation → GP


Red coat

I can not wear it that much, because I think people are staring intensely at me ...
Aim for a dandy adult with a red coat!


  • Q1.What is your favorite presentation in the event?

    A.I am good at producing heart-warmth

    I am good at directing the message dramatically, moving the mind and leading to the action for tomorrow.

  • Q2.What was the moment you thought you were the most "Were in trouble!"

    A.That 15,000 people's events were hit by rare storms in recent years

    "It was hard at that time~"

  • Q3.Tell us about the love of GP?

    A.GP enjoys work.

    GP will love you more than anyone.
    I think that is a form of GP love.


The most important thing is to interact with customers.
I think the failure in the event is “lack of communication”.
It maybe an unsophisticated way but think with them all the way to the end and tie it to successful event production!
Please call me to the office anytime!


A second house built with everyone together

The first overseas solo trip! NY!! Homesick in the third day ...




Mr. Yano, who is the communicating masters and is a character being loved by everyone. The figure loved by customers and partners is really a role model of GP.
Mr. Yano has always teaching me a lot. Be careful about the words and actions in the drinking party!


He is the GP's "Popular Producer" & "Banquet Manager" & "Fashionable Master". The appearance is a light image, but he is one of the company's most sensitive and customers’ thought.
There are also many overseas MICE results with junior high school level of English ability.
Please give your best regards to Mr.Yano!