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Spreading the beauty

“HOOTERS GIRLS” refer to waiting staff at the American restaurant chain “Hooters”. A Hooters girl’s uniform is based on the typical American Cheerleader’s outfit. Not only do Hooters girls have to be cheerful on the outside, they must also be cheerful on the inside because their job is to create a pleasant experience for their customers through their hospitality. In fact, regular customers are not only fans of the food, but also the service and atmosphere.
Every year, “Miss Hooters International Beauty Pageant" is held in the US. Participants are for staff who have won the preliminary competition in their country. This year, The winner of “Miss Hooters Japan” will compete in Miss Hooters International.

What is the purpose of this event?

The contest is held for each individual to demonstrate their unique inner and outer beauty. In addition, the competition promotes our brand to various people.

Unfortunately, Hooters is not yet widely recognized in Japan. And for those who do know its name, Hooters is mostly known for being a restaurant catered to men. But in fact, 30% of our customers in Japan are female. We hope that this beauty contest will raise brand awareness throughout the country, as well as encourage more females to visit.

How did the contest turn out this year?

The pageant was a big success. We have received a lot of warm, encouraging words and praise from our customers. It was very well received from other restaurants too.
In addition, the month before our pageant, the number of online part-time job applications went through the roof. We received multiple interview offers from many media platforms.

Through this event, we were able to increase our brand awareness as well meet young ladies that we would not have been able to meet if it were not for the pageant. It is also great that through this event, young ladies felt proud to be a part of Hooters.

What is the future of MISS HOOTERS JAPAN ?

It is rare for an ordinary girl to be able to stand on a stage to perform, let alone have the opportunity to participate in an international beauty pageant. We see “Miss Hooters Japan” as a stepping stone for girls to show themselves off to the world.

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