IT company


  • Theme of Event

    Employee General Meeting where all employees gather

  • Organizer

    IT company


Not Your Typical/Average Employee General Meeting

What was the purpose of holding your Employee General Meeting?

The purpose of our Employee General Meeting was to increase awareness of company unity through an unconventional approach. Corporate meetings are typically long and boring, employing one-way communication. This year, we experimented with shortening the length of the meeting and incorporated video footage. We also conducted QR code surveys where results were shown during the meeting to keep our staff engaged.

Global Produce helped us in finding the balance between keeping our meeting structured but also engaging.

How was the feedback?

Not only did we receive positive feedback from our staff and CEO, our clients also enjoyed the meeting. Our CEO especially liked the video footage. Managers from other divisions expressed that they would like to do something similar for the next Employee General Meeting. Our clients were impressed with the unique awards given to our top employees. For this Meeting, we created gold business cards for our super achievers.

We are delighted to know that everyone enjoyed the Employee General Meeting this year.

How would you like to hold your Employee General Meetings from now on?

Our Employee General Meetings have always been very formal, to the extent where there was not even an applause at the end of the meeting. This year, we focused on implementing effective ways to capture everyone’s attention in order to create unity. We anticipate that for next year’s Employee General Meeting, company unity will happen more organically.

Some structural changes we would like to try next year would be hiring a host to MC the meeting to facilitate a more lively meeting. Of course with a specific budget in mind, we would need to examine what and where we should focus on improving to create an engaging and effective meeting.

We have been, and will continue our efforts in trying to make our meetings more meaningful and fun.

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